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Seeds, chestnut, walnut, macadamia, pine nuts

white pumkin seeds .jpg

White skin pumpkin seeds, size 10cm, 11cm, 12cm, 13cm (China)

shine pumpkin seeds.jpg

Shine skin  pumpkin seeds, size 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm (China)

white pumpkin seeds .jpg

White skin pumpkin seeds (China)

shine pumpkin seeds grade a.jpg

Shine skin pumpkin seed grade A (China)

shine skin pumpkin seeds grade AA.jpg

Shine skin pumpkin seeds grade AA (China)

shellles pumpkin seeds.jpg

Dark pumpkin seeds, grade A (China)

pumpkin seeds grade AA_edited.jpg

Dark pumpkin seeds, grade AA (China)

salt and pepper white pumpkin seeds.jpg

White skin salt and pepper pumpkin seeds (China)

shine skin pepper and salt pumpkin seeds

Shine skin salt and pepper pumpkin seeds (China)

sunflower seed.jpg

Sunflower seed (China)

roasted sunflower seed.jpg

Roasted sunflower seed (China)

oil sunflower seed .jpg

Oil sunflower seed (China)

bread grade seed sunflowers kernel.jpg

Bread-grade sunflower seed kernel (China)

candy-grade sunflowers seed.jpg

Candy-grade sunflower seed (China)

black watermelon seed.jpg

Black watermelon seed, size: 10cm, 11cm (China)

red watermelon seed .jpg

Red watermelon seed, size: 8cm, 9cm (China)

chestnut .jpg

Chestnut (China)

walnut no skin .png

Walnut, no shell (China)

walnut with the shell .jpg

Walnut with the shell (China)

makadamia .jpg

Makadamia with skin (China)

pine nuts.jpg

Pine nuts (China)

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