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Dehydrated Fruits (Thailand)

Packaging and Shipping Details
dehydrated pineapple dice 8-10 mm mix co

Dehydrated pineapple dice 8-10 mm, mix colors (Thailand)

dehydrated pineapple 6-12 mm snack mix c

Dehydrated pineapple 6-12 mm, snack, mix colors (Thailand)

dehydrated coins

Dehydrated pineapple coins, mix colors (Thailand)

dehydrated pineapple slice mix colors

Dehydrated pineapple slice, mix colors (Thailand)

dehydrated pineapple rings natural .jpg

Dehydrated pineapple rings, natural color (Thailand)

ананас кубики натуральные dehydrated pin

Dehydrated pineapple dice 8-10 mm, natural color (Thailand)

dehydrated pineapple chunk natural color

Dehydrated pineapple chunk, natural color (Thailand)

желтая папайя палочки dehydrated papaya

Dehydrated papaya sticks, yellow color (Thailand)

желтая папайя копья dehydrated spears ye

Dehydrated papaya spears, yellow color (Thailand)

краная папайя палочки dehydrated papaya

Dehydrated papaya spears, red color (Thailand)

красная папайя копья dehydrated papaya r

Dehydrated papaya spears, red color (Thailand)

dehydrated papaya natural color slice .j

Dehydrated papaya slice, natural color (Thailand)

dehydrated cantaloupe slice.jpg

Dehydrated cantaloupe slice (Thailand)

dehydrated pomelo slice green color.jpg

Dehydrated pomelo slice, green color (Thailand)

dehydrated pomelo natural color

Dehydrated pomelo slice, natural color (Thailand)

dehydrated mango slice natural color.jpg

Dehydrated mango slice, natural color (Thailand)

dehydrated ginger slice.jpg

Dehydrated ginger slice (Thailand)

Dehydrated coconut dice.jpg

Dehydrated coconut dice (Thailand)

Guava dice 8-10 mm_edited.jpg

Dehydrated guava dice 8-10 mm (Thailand)

Guava slice _edited.jpg

Dehydrated guava slice (Thailand)

Banana slice , No sugar added_edited.jpg

Dehydrated banana slice, no sugar (Thailand)

Finger banana whole , No sugar added_edi

Dehydrated banana whole (Thailand)

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